Marrakech Sightseeing

menara marrakech

Marrakech sightseeing Tour is arranged with a local English speaking tour guide who will meet you at your accommodation around 9:30 am, he will take you to explore Marrakech. For your comfort, Our Marrakech sightseeing tour includes:

Souks & Medina Alleyways: Wander with your guide to explore how talent Marrakechi handcrafters are. See how hard and proud they work to make objects as they their ancestors have, from metal such as lamps, from wool skin such as leather bags…Etc

Jemaa Fna square: It is a UNESCO site and one of the famous squares in the world. Wandering with your guide, you will see many story tellers, snake charmers, musicians and water tellers mostly in the morning. In the afternoon, the square gets full with food stalls with different kind of Moroccan food. Around the sunset, we suggest that you go for a drink in one of the Cafe terraces overlooking the Jemaa Fna square that gets illuminated by the lamplights and panels with the number or names of stall owners.

Marrakech Landmarks: Places, Bahia and Badi, Gardens: Majorelle & Menara, Marrakech Museum, Ben Youssef Medrasa, Almoravid Koubba, Saadian Tombs, Koutoubia mosque…